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Pacific Rim - Tacit Ronin

A game ready, high poly to low poly model of my interpretation of Pacific Rim's Tacit Ronin. I loved the design even though it was only featured in the film for 3 seconds. My version became a mix of the toy model, film model, and original concept art. I originally built it to be rigged and animated but I chose a parenting method to pose each joint. The rain, fog, buildings, car, and helicopters were not created by me but were license free models I mashed together to show the overall scale of the Jaeger. I also left them intentionally untextured so they wouldn't be a distraction. However, lighting, texturing and the Kaiju silhouette were created by me as I wanted to give it some context/mood. Still a lot I would've liked to improve but, on to the next!

Ephraim francisco highresscreenshot00020

Three Quarter

Ephraim francisco highresscreenshot00017


Ephraim francisco highresscreenshot00015


Ephraim francisco highresscreenshot00011


Ephraim francisco asdasdadsx
Ephraim francisco highresscreenshot00008

Movie Poster

Ephraim francisco highresscreenshot00004

Lighting Only

Ephraim francisco highresscreenshot00005

Normals/detail + lighting

Ephraim francisco front wireframe

Low Poly Mesh

Ephraim francisco side wireframe

Low Poly Mesh

Ephraim francisco backwireframe

Low Poly Mesh

Ephraim francisco ortho

Concept Art

Ephraim francisco asset

Movie Model Texture Reference